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The Recovery of Self

Reclaim your inner child ROCKSTAR

A proven 10 week online deep dive creative

 healing program using creativity & play

No previous art or creative experience needed!

Creative inner child healing work is a powerful tool in healing from trauma, negative childhood experiences and breaking generational cycles. 


Through creative inner child healing work you learn about your unhealed wounds, how they impact on you as an adult and gain a better understanding of who you truly are meant to be, before all of that sh*t happened that changed you!


Is this you?

1. You constantly experience self-sabotaging behaviours: 

  • You let fear rule your decisions and stop your progress;

  • You focus on why it WON'T work or why it's NOT right;

  • You compare yourself to others;

  • You constantly attract the wrong people in relationships and relationships are negative, abusive and don't last;

  • You feel you have no purpose.

​​2. You experience unhealthy coping mechanisms:​

  • Avoidance;

  • Unhealthy relationship with food;

  • Hoarding / excessive shopping;

  • Drug / alcohol misuse

3. You are full of self-criticism and low self-esteem.​

4. You experience mental, physical and emotional issues.

5. You struggle to regulate and manage your emotions and feelings, often experiencing overwhelm and anger.


I understand all of the above!

Because that was me too!

I spent so many years of my life living with unhealed trauma wounds that I was just a passenger in my own life!

I jumped from one job to another, toxic relationship to toxic relationship, suffered with low self esteem, body dismorphia, self criticism, a never ending desire to better myself through education,  but using the power of creativity, image making and play, I was able to successfully hear, understand and reparent my inner child.

Now i'm a rockstar!



Do you want to be a ROCKSTAR too?

You recognised yourself in the description above didn't you?

Those repeating patterns and recurring themes are a sure sign of negative childhood experiences and trauma, BUT, you are here in your search towards wholeness and know that choosing not to make this journey comes at far too high of a cost. 


                                                          JUST IMAGINE

If you never had to experience a one sided, toxic or abusive relationship again because you have learned how to love yourself, set clear boundaries and step into your own power and strength! You no longer have to lie down and take that sh*t, you are worth so much more!

If you could recognise and control your emotions and feelings, instead of reacting with anger and fuelling the tension, you learn how to respond calmly and with clarity or instead of hiding away you find your voice.

Imagine gaining the knowledge to bring awareness to and break your repeating negative cycles and patterns, move away from the controlling behaviours and lack of spontaneity, live a life with more freedom and fun!

What if you could actually believe in yourself and silence the harsh inner critic, know your worth, know you can achieve your desire and actually go out and do it!

Would you choose to be your authentic self, the person you were always meant to be before your traumas and life experiences changed you?


This 10 week purposefully designed program has been created to guarantee you achieve all of those things!

Shooting Star

Welcome to the beginning of your journey
The recovery of (your) self


I can't wait to support you as you rise in your power!

Here you will be fully supported and guided for 10 weeks on your creative

inner child healing journey.

Here you will be safe, held and contained in the loving space that I offer without judgement, while you uncover, understand, forgive, and re align with your whole authentic self, using the power of therapeutic art making and play.

Take full power of yourself!

What you will receive

I am a qualified accredited creative coach and therapeutic art facilitator and it is my absolute passion and soul purpose to guide you through understanding HOW trauma impacts on your life


TOGETHER, we will uncover the reasons for your limiting beliefs, negative behaviours and cycles and remove the blockages, attachments and beliefs that do not serve you.

WEEK 1:  A  2 hour deep dive discovery session, just you and me.

An introduction into exactly what art therapy is


Curiosity, spontaneity and play, a reconnection of body and mind

(value £225)


Weeks 2-5: 4 x 30 minute online group masterclass sessions discussing:

What is healing?

Understand the journey, what it means and where it will take you

What is trauma?

Understanding how negative past experiences can affect and impact on our adult lives.

Understanding parental and intergenerational wounds

Understanding the mother and father wounds and how trauma can be passed down through generations. 

Understanding the inner child

Who is she and how can you give her a voice?

(value £200)


4 x 60 minute guided therapeutic image making and discussion group sessions in response to the weekly topic, in which I will guide you through the image making process using art therapy techniques and facilitate you on your understanding of your creation.

(value £450)

Week 6:

The world that created your mind, acknowledge your wounds and tell your stories.

A 1:1, 90 minute check in and therapeutic art session, just you and me.

(Value £200)

Weeks 7 -9: 

3 x 30 minute online group masterclass sessions teaching:

I have boundaries!

Understanding what they are, why you allow them to be bent or broken and how to strengthen them. 

Using the energy of mindfulness

Bringing awareness and control, dismantling barriers and removing blocks.

Step into your own power!

Who are you authentically? Reconnecting to your passions, desires and beliefs. The you before the bullsh*t!

(value £200)


3 x 60 minute guided therapeutic image making and discussion group sessions, in response to the weekly topic, in which I will guide you through the image making process using art therapy techniques and facilitate you on your understanding of your creation.

(value £350)

Week 10: 

Integration and acceptance

Allowing a full integration of adult and child self

Closing session, a 1:1 check in and therapeutic art session, just you and me and an onward plan

(Value £200)

Total package value = £1,825

BUT, for this time only and to celebrate you being the first ROCKSTARS on this new Recovery of Self program, I am offering this entire package for only 


PLUS! Yes there's more,

I will also include the following completely FREE

  • Unlimited 30 minute calls, throughout the entire program!

  • My eBook Re-parenting Rockstars in Progress,


     Two not yet published eBooks,

I have Boundaries! AND The Father Wound, death of the dad star. 

  • Access to a secret and private facebook group, only for the ladies on the program.

  • Access to all of my videos on trauma and inner child healing. 

  • Access to my group re-parenting ROCKSTARS with free guides, videos and discussions for life.

Sign up before 18th February and you save £275

The program will never be this cheap again!


I am so passionate about art and play as therapy that if you do not feel that the course has worked for you, I will give you 3 FREE extra 90 minute 1:1 sessions.

Places are limited for containment, privacy and to create a loving support group in which you will get to know and hold space for each other.

We begin on 20th February 2023,
are you ready ROCKSTAR?!


Thank you so very much that was astounding! I don't know why therapeutic art isn't used more, definitely a better alternative than just talking. I appreciate you. 

"I loved how Jen has merged her coaching and therapy knowledge, she helped me to see things in the images I was creating which made so much sense once I realised what it meant. "

I didn't understand what art therapy was but Jen helped me to feel at ease and guided me to allow myself freedom. I was blown away with what came out of me and even more so when Jen helped me to understand and make sense of it. I'd highly recommend Jen to anyone.

(Client wishes to remain anonymous)

Adele Hayward

Melissa Beni


I don't want to share in a group.

Group sessions are held in a therapeutic, safe and confidential space with other women who are on the same healing journey. The group sessions encourage friendship and support, love and kindness.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

The sessions will be recorded and uploaded into a private and secret group that only contains the other women on the program. Program sizes are limited in order to maintain a safe and loving environment in which you all feel held. 

I can't afford to pay in one go

That's absolutely fine, I have set up payment plan options in order to accommodate all budgets.

Starred Ball

I'm ready to become a ROCKSTAR!

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